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Anyone who knows me well knows that The Road Warrior is just about my favorite movie of all time.  I can talk about it for hours, scene-by-scene, as for why it is such an awesome story.  I love the whole Mad Max series.  It spawned an entire genre of post-apocalyptic adventure in its wake.  Borderlands?  Fallout?  They both owe their existence to Mad Max.

So, the trailer for Mad Max 4 has been released, including some details about the film in general.  If you haven't seen it, check it out, just so you can see for yourself.  My initial reaction?  Not good.

Read most of the comments regarding the trailer and this is the main response you will read: "Cars... explosions... awesome... hurr hurr hurr."  If that's all it takes to entertain you, then go to a demolition derby or go watch a fireworks show or go watch Michael Bay's Transformers series.  What made Mad Max awesome was the story.  The car chases and action sequences were the icing on the cake.  But here's my concerns about the new movie...

One of the greatest things about the Mad Max movies was that they didn't use CGI.  You had stuntmen, real vehicles exploding, etc.  Everything looked so real because it actually was real.  Look at the trailer and you see some positively cartoonish action sequences.  And, of course, it looks fake and completely unbelievable.

You see some 300-style action sequences in the trailer as well.  Max or someone jumping all Spartan-style with a couple of spears in his hands and it's obvious the scene has been put together with CGI.  Again, with the original movies the action sequences were more restrained because the stuntmen you saw were doing the scene without film being mashed together or computer-edited.  Again, they were realistic and therefore believable.

For some strange reason the eponymous hero seems to be missing from most of the trailer, unless of course you count the first minute or so of watching him relieve himself in the desert.

Most of the movie appears to be about Max being somebody's b---h.  Are we supposed to watch him be mentored by Charlize Theron so he can learn to be a tough guy?  Really?  When we are first introduced to Max in the original trilogy, he's already the best cop on the force.  The Road Warrior gives us a brief narrative to let us know Max's origins and it's straight into the story.  We don't need to see Max's rise to awesomeness.

Now, granted, I could be wrong about this, but I'm telling you, so far it doesn't look good.  No doubt there will be plenty of hurr-hurr-explosion movie-goers who couldn't care less about whether or not there's any kind of decent plot or if the movie's a pale shadow of the originals, but there is supposed to be one major factor that should make the film worthwhile: It's being directed by the same director who made the first three movies.  That should automatically mean it will be awesome, right?  Right?

I mean, having a director who made three films in a series, then came back decades later to film part four, and substitutes CGI rather than real scenes... what could go wrong?

Anyone ready for Mad Max: The Phantom Menace?

Mad Max and the Crystal Skull, maybe?

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flippedoutkyrii Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
I hope you come back to DA again, Life has been pretty hectic for me too, what with moving into my first apartment and all.
spacewolfomega Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Thank you.  I did decide to come back today and even posted a new pic.  I hope things are going okay for you.
flippedoutkyrii Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Thanks, things are going great so far :D
Stegron Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Hope to se you active here again soon. Miss you.
spacewolfomega Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Thank you.  There's been a lot going on here lately.  I appreciate you thinking of me.
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